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Spa Equipment

Spa equipment is equipment dedicated to spas, salons, clinics, resorts and hotels. Day Spas are facilities that offer services such as pedicures, manicures, waxing, body wraps, facials, aromatherapy, chemical peels, skin treatments, massages and more. Spa equipment often consists of massage equipment such as massage tables, massage chairs and massage accessories. Spa equipment is built with a higher standard of quality and comfort than other types of equipment and is meant to last a lifetime. Spa equipment, such as a massage table, is usually much heavier than portable equipment because it is meant to stay in a permanent location.

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Some types of spa massage equipment and accessories include:

* Massage Tables & Chairs
* Armrests
* Facial tilts
* Face cradles
* Foot controls
* Hot towel Cabbie
* Ultra leather
* Dura Touch Vinyl
* Hot stones
* Aromatherapy
* Oils & Creams
* Towels
* Sheets
* Bolsters
* Pads
* Linens
* Stools
* Waxing Tools

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Choosing which kind of spa equipment and accessories to buy is not an easy task. But as soon as you know what suits your clientele the best, it becomes much easier. Would you like your table to be lighter so that you can move it around easier? Would 4 inches of cushioning and a built-in cabinet be ideal for what you envision? Remember during the decision making process that salon and spa tables are going to be very heavy; this is because of their increased weight capacity and durability to remain in permanent locations. Quality spa equipment uses softer cushioning for premier comfort and stronger supports to hold various weights. Whichever type of massage table you decide to purchase, make sure it is from a reputable massage table company that offers solid warranties on their tables.

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Get American Salon and Spa Equipment Wholesale

You can find many American salon and spa equipment outlets that will sell at wholesale or used prices. Keller International is one of those companies out of New York. There you will find great deals like the Hydraulic Styling Chair – K1039. This chair offers a sleek, modern look to any salon or spa. Of course this chair has a G2 hydraulic pump that allows you to adjust the chair up and down with ease. The Seat Back is 19″ wide and 17″ high. The seat cushion is 19″ wide and 19″ deep. The height of the chair is adjustable from 21″ to 27″.

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The All In One Back Wash Shampoo Unit – K4500 comes with a very contemporary design. It is manufactured with a fiberglass base and a tilting porcelain bowl. The seat is easily adjustable for the comfort of the client. The total unit floor space is 50″ in length. The unit is 36″ in height from the base to the top. The width is 26″. The bowl is 19″ wide and 11″ deep. These units are well crafted and add highlight to any salon or spa d├ęcor.

The Kayline Space Save Manicure Table -KL-G609 is great for the salon or spa with limited space. The unit comes with 5 removable trays in 7″ wide storage cabinet. There are two pockets on the outside. The steel frame is mounted on twin wheel casters. This unit comes with a 19- bottle polish display, a lamp and armrest. The unit is 31″ high and 16″ wide. You can save room in your salon or spa and still add class and professionalism. The fact that you can pick this up wholesale or used at a great price just sweetens the deal.

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The Aroma Facial Steamer provides the ultimate aromatherapy spa experience. You get three vapor levels to choose from. It also comes with a digitally controlled timer with an LCD display. In addition, the steamer spray arm is adjustable. There is also a aromatic oil reservoir to steam induce aromatic fragrances of your liking. The steamer is adjustable in height from 32″ to 44″. The spray arm is 24″ long.

Keller International is only one of a great many wholesale and used salon and spa equipment sites that you will find online. Anytime that you can purchase your equipment wholesale or used you are bound to save money. If you do your research, compare and show patience you will find deals that will fill up your salon or spa, deliver a classy professional appearance and not break your bank.

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